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I'm over at a new blogging site. [22 Jan 2008|03:46pm]
Clumps of Mascara
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Haiiiiirrr.... [09 Jul 2007|02:07pm]
I know, it's been forever!

But I'm not going to update this THAT much. My journey to nappiness, I like to think, is complete. I've been natural for almost 2 years! And hopefully by the end of the year, I will be rocking some beautiful Sisterlocks!

So the condition of the hair is better...I've dyed AGAIN. A lighter color to get rid of that terrible Black. So it's not back to my natural color, but it's not jet Black again and I couldn't be happier.

I'm using the saaaame products. V05 conditioner and no-pooing. I'm rockin' 2-stand twists and sometimes I chunky fro. I haven't done a blow-out in forever. I'm not worried about length but it's gettin' might long. I haven't trimmed in forever. Nor will I do so. I'm loc'ing up soon!

I am happy to announce that so many of my close friends are going natural and that's just great!!

The end.
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Black ain't always beautiful.... [23 May 2007|06:46pm]
Well, I just want to say that I've damanged my hair to the tee. It's awful. Being the spontaneous person that I am---I told myself that it was time to color. So what did I do?
Dyed my whole damn head jet Black. And you know what? The following day, I loved it....it was kinda dark, but I liked the transition. I was really feeling it. Until my hair start feeling drier and coarser. And it became so unmanageable. It was awful.

Absolutely awful.

And, as some of you know---ain't no comin' back from Black. It was a devastating move. And I can't lighten it back up unless I bleach it and put a darker color on top of that. Which is TOO much. I don't need any more chemicals. At all. So disappointed in myself. My hair is falling out and what's left is a dry mess. My hair is so upset a me.

So, I've learned my damn lesson. I put some 2-strand twists extensions up there and plan on leaving them like that for awhile. Well, maybe not for awhile. Chick that did them did an awful job so I doubt they'll last 2 weeks.

Don't even know what to do next. :(

P.S.----> I've migrated over to Blogger (closed the MySpace and Facebook accounts). Check me out there.


Peace....and positive vibes.
Pray for my hair, yall. :(
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Oh my... [31 Mar 2007|02:04pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Oh goodness it's been awhile since I've updated the Hair Journal! I don't even wanna look at the date on my last entry.....I bet it's been almost a year. MAYBE....a little less, but I think I kinda went incogNEGRO after I celebrated the 1-year mark. Which now that I think about it....I don't feel so bad.

I never really intended on keeping up with the journal AFTER my one year nappiversary, so yeahhh....

But lately, I've had SO many friends tell me they're going natural and I feel like I'm reliving that experience with them. Yeah..soo...

About MY hair...

Ohmigoodness yall, it has grown!!! Oh wait....lemme tell you real quick, next month it'll be 2 YEARS!!! Alreadyyy....ohhh weee, time does fly when you're nappy, I'll tell you that much.

But as I was saying.....it's loooong. But the middle, the middle part of my head like is sooo short. It will not grow! LOL, I have no idea why. Some say that it's because I lay on that part. I don't know, but it is frustrated because I would love to have lengthy hair all around. Not just in the front, back and sides. But I won't complain.

And here's why....I don't take good care of my hair. I know, that's bad. Don't get mad at me, fellow nappies. I know...I know. My hair continues to be relatively good to me despite the fact that I hardly moisturize, don't tie it up at night and just beat it up carelessly. And I really have no excuses. That's why I call my hair "soldier"  because despite it all, my hair continues to stand strong. No matter what!!

But...I do need to commit to taking better care of something that I love so much. 

My hair is my glory, my crown….and I do need to take better care. I know, I know. Those folks that say I’ve inspired them are actually inspiring me.
But the hair…..(despite that short middle aream) is so lovely. I haven’t done a permanent color since last summer and will probably do one again when summer starts. Now I never vowed to be chemical free. I said I wasn’t perming again! I absolutely love color. I really do and I’ve come to understand that it’s when I get bored with me hair when I start throwing color up in. Take for example the single blond streak I have on the side of my head. Yeeeep, got bored one night, wanted just one blond streak and dyed it. Simple as that. It’s funky. I actually really like it. Some people think it’s hideous whereas I got people stopping me on the street saying they LOVE that single blond streak. Thanks, I do too.

It's funky and fresh and keeps me from lookin' like every other chick on the street.

More about all of this later......I got ahem....a date.

Peace and Blessings!!
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I'm back... [19 Oct 2006|10:14am]
So I'm getting a lot of requests to update the Fotki.
Okaaaayy, I will.
But not tomorrow. Hopefully in the next few weeks so yall can look foward to that.

So how 'bout in 3 days it makes a year and a half since I've been natural?!!!!
I'm lovin' it.
I'm a achieving all of my hair goals too....

Got the Thelma from Good Times puff, yall.
It's flyyy!!!

Umm, what else is going on?
I'm still not hip to any natural products.
But by choice though.
I do use Herbal Essence frizz free conditioner. It actually works REALLY well with my hair. Try it. It's not too expensive either.

I still no-poo.
And in love with shea butter.

Attemping to live a homeopathic lifestyle and debating on WHEN I should 'loc.

That's that for now.

Stay tuned.

::nappturally yours!!::
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More of this.... [25 Jun 2006|12:53pm]
[ mood | happy ]

It's been a loooong time. I know, and I'm sorry. It's not that I haven't had the time. I just be forgettin' sometimes. The hair is doing wonderful. The color is slowly fading and growing out. So I'm defintely gonna do some touch-ups on that. I'm excited because the hair is getting really long. And now that I'm doing this management internship at Walgreens....I've been getting so many compliments. Some people think that my twist-outs are a texturizer. I kinda get offended when that happens. I mean ,hell.....why can't a sista have nice NATURAL hair? And it's not even that I'm anti-perm. I mean......I'm on this DO YOU tip. I, as in, ME.....defintely won't be permin' again. And it's not because it's ugly. Some girls be havin' some fly do's.....but I love my natural look.

But back to what I was originally talking about----my hair status: So yeah, I went to Hawaii and started with a fro, twists, then a twist-out and finally ended with a wash and go. I HATE wash and go's. I still can never get completly comfortable with wearin' exrtremely short hair. I swear I look like a dude! Ain't nothin' wrong with short hair.....I'm always tryna get comfortable with it, but I can't. But I mostly always have twists and a twist-out

I'm outta here, yall.....

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Stay Tuned!! [21 Apr 2006|12:48pm]
[ mood | jubilant ]

I really meant to write earlier but with the semester coming to an end, I've been somewhat busy. I got my hair color!! I love it. It's defintely me. I used Dark & Lovely's Blonde and left it on for about 30 minutes. At first---I wasn't feelin' it but it's absolutely fab. I think I'll do one more treatment of color before the summer starts---somethin' funky!! It's official yall...

Monday, April 24, 2006
....makes 1 year of nappturalness!

Some of yall thought I was playing when I said I was going to throw a party. Well, I really am. I'm hosting a gathering at my house with about 15 or so friend to celerate this occassion in my life. My friends know how important this is to me. Because, once again....it's not really hair. Goin' natural has opened many doors for me--I've become more socially conscious, aware and I've learned to really my outer appearance. My curves, my gap, the thickness of my hair, sooo many lovely attributes. Funny how hair can trigger so much.

I'm babysitting for the folks I stayed with last summer. Just being here brings back so many memories. Summer school at HCC, workin' 3 jobs, car issues, eating dinner EVERY night, doin' a wash and go everyday. Wooooow.

I'll post pics later.
Of course, I'm doin' a blow-out for my nappiversary so stay tuned!

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Back in action.. [14 Mar 2006|08:21am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Helloooo.....sorry I've been ghost for a minute. I left my 2-strand twists extensions in for about a month. I wanted to keep them in longer, but my hair was starting to loc up. Ain't that somethin'? I swear yall...my hair be on a mission! LOL, kinda funny to me. Here's a pic of how they looked:

Yesss, they were fly. I will defintely be getting them again! Thanks to my best friend's little sister who only charged me $20!! So after I took out the extensions, I was really excited to look at my new growth. I couldn't really tell. I wanted to do a blow-out but I really wasn't in the mood to go through that kind of pain. Blow-outs hurt!! I really can't say this enough.... Perhaps there's a detangler, but ohh weeee, that mess hurts. I try and do them very rarely. Oh! Before I forget, I've purchased some new products. Let's see:

Fantasia IC-Deep Penetrating Creme Moisturizer: I just randomly found this stuff in Sally's Beauty Store. After the extensions, my hair needed a really good nice deep moisturizer. This stuff did pretty good. I left it on for about 30 minutes and I REALLY wish I had one of those "big over ya head" blow-dryers because it would have made my hair softer. I'd invest in this again.  It was a bit pricey....$5.99 but it was well worth it.

Dove Sheer Moisture Shampoo: Now granted....I'm a proud no-pooer, but every once in awhile, I like to give my hair a good cleanse. Especially after having extensions. I wanted to try something that "claimed" to have tons of moisture since my hair was a bit dry. I found this at Wal-Mart on sale for $4.99 (defintely NOT a sale in my book, but I digress) and since I'm a big fan of Dove products I figured I'd try it. Hmmm....nope. It didn't too as good as I wanted it to on my hair. My hair felt pretty limp and dry. Dove's Color Treated Shampoo is A LOT better. I won't invest in this again. In fact, I'm tryna see if I can return it to Wal-Mart and see if I can get a store credit. Heheheheeee.....

Jamaican Mango & Lime Locking Creme Wax: Now, normally when I do 2-strand twists, I use a "gel". Organic Lock & Twist Gel that comes in a medium size tub with a purple top gives me with pretty good results. This stuff isn't necessarily bad....just "different". Because it's a wax, my hair is a bit greasy. Which is to be expected if you use too much  (opps!) I think it would be REALLY good for locs or locs in training. I like it better than the gel because my hair doesn't curl up as much making my hair look longer. I got it for $4.19 at Sally's Beauty Salon. It has a nice hold and would probably end up looking better if I have that over-the-head dryer. A A good product nonetheless.

....that's it for my products updates. I'm still attempting to indulge in natural hair products, but often times, I can't find 'em or they are just TOO MUCH money! I'm still a faithful customer of Oyin Handmades. Wonderful (ahem, just pricey) products.... Next month will make a year since my BC!!! I am so excited. My air is long...."almost" 1/4 down my back. How fast it grows! It's official...I will loc after the summer. Granted that I find someone that can do it. That's the plan. Hit me up on the email/MySpace with any questions. Ciao for now!!

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2-strandin' yo.... [24 Jan 2006|02:24pm]
[ mood | flirty ]

Accessible  It’s been a minute but I’m back. I got my hair braided on January 22. My first protective style since I’ve been natural! I got 2-strand twists and ohh weee,  I love ‘em. Lemme tell yall: 2-strand extensions are better than micros, box braids and weaves. Well, I don’t know ‘bout the weave part. I’ve still never had a weave in my head and don’t plan on ever doin’ that. It’s just soooo…..fake. And yeah it looks good, but it’s like…..fake. Oh well. Ain’t fo er’body. I bein’ one of them.

….but I digress.

So yeah, as I was saying…..I love the 2-strand twists. I got ‘em done before last year in New York and loved ‘em. Because the hair is already kinky, it works well with my already kinky hair. And I plan on leavin’ ‘em in for a good…..2 months, if I can. My  Nappiversary is  April 23 and I gotta go all out then. 1 year of being natural!!! I’m so excited! I’ve come a looong way.

And I’ve even been thinking of dreading. But because my hair has gotten so long, will I be able to do it? Lord knows I want to. I’m so in love with the idea of dreads. Off now!

Nappturally Yours!!!

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Twist-Wow... [28 Dec 2005|08:01am]
[ mood | cold ]

Yo, I am having the BEST twist-out ever. My coils are so defined and it's been 3 days and it still looks good! No tricks or secret tips here, ladies. I guess some twist-outs are better than others. Nappy hair is certainly a mood. It works with you only when you work with it. My Moms and I got into it. She kept telling me nappy hair is JUST hair. I kept saying. "No Mom, nappy hair is a lifestyle." And she kept rollin' her eyes and sayin', "Whatever." Then her friend (aka a beautiful nappy) came over and had my back. She strongly believes, too, that nappy hair is a lifestyle. Shut ole' Mom up. It's true, though. That's why I have a journal dedicated to hair. If I had regular ole' black girl hair, would I be so inclined to write about it? Hmmm, I doubt it.


Nappturally Yours!

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Nappy Day! [17 Dec 2005|09:52am]
[ mood | happy ]

Today is official! It's been 1 year since my last perm! This is truly something to celebrate considering I've always been a big ole' lye queen back in the day. I've been having thoughts of locing because honestly....I'm getting kinda bored of fros and twists. But I'm not sure yet, still planning. I have to decided to permanently dye my ends light brown. It's hot, stands out and defitnely makes me feel....like some kind of diva. Which.....ahem, I am. Here's a pic of what it looked like at the step show.

Whaaat? Yeeeeah...it was hot. After wearin' a fro after awhile, I wanted to do something groovy, hence the twists in the front. Here's a better look:


Soooo yeahhh.....that's what's goin' on in the hair world as of now. I'm kinda broke so I won't be able to do those ends until AFTER I leave home for the holidays, but please believe....by 2006, it will be on and poppin'! Gotta do somethin' crazy for the New Year. And I'll be 21 too! Yessir!


Nappturally Yours!



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AFROmazing [05 Dec 2005|11:52am]

I had a big performance this past weekend. A step show. It was nine of us total. Our theme was unity and we wanted our whole performance to be huge! Everything from our stepping to our appearance had to be on point. We made t-shirts. Designed them ourselves. On the back of the shirts, it said “UNITY”. On the front, we gave ourselves nicknames. Yours truly was “AFRO”. Had to represent my naturalness. I FRO-ed out my hair somethin’ serious. Bought some golden blonde  hair spray and sprayed the ends. It was fllyyyy!! What made it better was that I stepped with my pick in my hair. Yep, sho did! I was doing some research and discovered that in West Africa, the wooden comb symbol represents beauty. Clearly, I am that! My hair stood out and I felt so dignified. Once again, being a natural has not only set me apart from the rest, but allowed me to shine! Thanks naps!!

Nappturally Yours!

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Remembering when.... [14 Nov 2005|12:05pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

I got to thinkin' the other day.....I have some hair anniverseries comin' up! And I know I butchered that word, but just ignore it, kay?! LOL! Yeah, soooo December 19th makes 1 year since I've had a perm. I'm seriously going to throw a party! That same day I got a perm I remember being so furious with the man that claimed he was going to just "cut the ends".

Here's an exercpt of that experience from my MySpace blog.

I needed my hair done right? Simple...nothing to serious. A perm. My fellow African Americans know 'bout that right?? Yeahhhh, so that's all I wanted. My particualar preference was not available today and I wanted my hair done TODAY b/c it looked a hot mess. So I go to this one place that I've been to before......just a perm. No weave, curls, nothing all serious. Just a perm. So I make an appointment and go. A man did my hair. He was talkin' about clipping it and I'm like, "Just the dead ends, I'm trying to grow my hair out." I should not have said anything @ all. I should have said, "Hell nah, don't cut it. I'm coo...." But noooo.....this man cut so much of my hair. I am not even lying. 4 freakin' weeks ago the female that does my hair in Tampa cut it WAY too short. A month ago, my hair was to my shoulders.....I could have a nice ponytail if I wanted one. It's so shortow. My hair doesn't even touch my shoulders. Barely past my ears. I'm bald. That's how I feel. My hair has NEVER been this short. So the man shows me my hair and I'm like, *insert surprised smiley here* I guess he didn't see that expression, because I looked mad enough make even the most confident person feel bad. I just paid and got the hell out of there. I got in the car, ran my fingers through my hair and just----you know, cried. My hair is short. And I'm not like those white folks who don't care b/c their hair grows back so long in a matter of months.....it'll take me close to a year to get back to where I was. Damn that man. And damn myself.....I'm bald. I'm a bald headed scally-wag. I'm so mad about that. I guess I'll have to get some weave. But I don't like fake hair. I really don't. It's just so......fake. I have a problem with it. It looks good, yeah yeah yeah, I know all that, but it's fake. And I've always liked my real hair. Until that bastard cut it. Uggghhhhh, so mad, so mad, so mad.

I'm glad I can look back at this now and semi-smile. I remember bein' so torn up inside and that was the moment I really started to despise my hair. I've been scarred for life. I don't like ANYONE cutting my hair. Except that fine brotha with dreads @ Regis Hair Salon. So yeah...almost a year of being perm free. Never thought I would have done it.

Okay...time for hair updates! I did it again. A blow out! I know, I remember how much I hated those. Not only do they huuuurt but it took my hair a long time to recover from being so straight. But I was getting bored and needed to do something. Lemme tell ya....that fro was fierce! Everyone was lovin' it. My hair has really grown. Last Monday I decided to color again, but did it work? Nooope, my hair is too dark. I've got my lovely 2-stand twists again and am just dying to color just the ends....a light brown almost blonde color. But a) I don't know how to do that and b) I don't want to put too many more chemicals on my hair.

 But I've got to do something for when I go back home for the holidays. I love the element of surprise!!

Nappturally Yours!

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ACV rinse... [01 Nov 2005|12:42am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

So I did my first ACV (apple cider vinegar) rinse. It went well. Yall ain't lie.....the smell is *insert throw up pic here* It is THAT bad. But it faded away. Made my hair a lot more manageable than most conditioners and did add some sheen. So yes, I'm a believer.

Did some more 2-stand twists....which I hate to admit, I'm gettin' kinda bored of. Kinda think of somethin' new to do. Just a quick update.

Nappturally Yours.

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Happy Napp Day!! [24 Oct 2005|12:44pm]
[ mood | content ]

Today makes 6 months since my BC! I put a reminder in my phone just to remind me. It's very exciting. I have come a looooong way. I had 2 strand twists in my hair and kept them in for 3 weeks!! Never had 'em in that long.....I took them out and my hair is sooo long. It's funky. I'm really lovin' it. Quick update. I'll be back soon.

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Updaties.... [08 Oct 2005|03:19pm]
[ mood | good ]

Ah ha....this time I set the journal to rich text form....everytime I do it while I'm writing a blog, I loose everything! And I oh so hate that. Sooo...time for updates. Last week wasn't a good hair week. My hair really wasn't working with me at all. It felt short and I had some really bad shrinkage. I HATE that. So I shampooed for the first time in like a month and I'm sitting here with a deep conditioner on with some olive oil. Hopefully the hair will bounce back to its lovely, vibrant and curly self!

And another thing.....I will NEVER do a blow-out again! It was okay for a good week....I had a nice size afro, but when I wanted my curly nappy hair back.....my hair refused to curl. It remained straight! WHAT!!! How in the hell? When I had a perm, it never stayed straight. When I got rid of a perm and straightened with a blow dryer....it wanted to stay straight! Go figure, yo. All I know is I'm not gonna do a blow out for a very loooong looooong time. I only did it to see my length.

And my hair still hasn't bounced back from that. Hopefully after that deep conditioner I'll have those curlies back that I adore so much!

My color is lookin' good....it's really starting to show. I'm itchin' to get some braids, though. Twists to be exact. I just can't afford it right now. But when I save up some money I'm gonna give my hair a break. And I want some more growth.

I keep thinking about what I'm going to do when the hair gets longer. Twisting it will take forever. I don't know. Sometimes I feel so lost in the hair world. Back in the day I used to be all up on Nappturality.com tryna find products and styles but now I feel like I've lost the drive. Imma pray about that though. My hair is truly my glory.

That's it for now.....

Nappturally Yours!


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Just shoot me... [27 Sep 2005|11:35am]
[ mood | crazy ]

I am so sorry, yall...I hate this LiveJournal mess. I switch over to Rich Text format and it took away all that I had typed up already. I apologize for slacking on the journal. I've been busy lately and I always intend on writing, but then I get caught up with something else and I forget. I'm supposed to be working, but Imma update yall really quick...

I finally got the hair trimmed! One time for me. It was nerve racking but the man that did it really relaxed me and told me he wouldn't take off too much. Him being a beautiful brotha with beautiful dreads may had something to do with me bein' calm too. He also did some more color. He used a light brown color for "still red" hair and a darker brown color for the roots that had my natural color growing back. I couldn't really see the difference but people have been telling me they love the color so maybe they can see something I can't.

I told ole' boy I would defintely be back. But only for a cut. No more coloring for awhile. I don't want to over-do it. My hair has been good to me and I wanna be good to her. So no more chemicals for awhile. He was also telling me I should dread. He said I had a really nice grade of hair and it would loc sooner than most people's....yeah, I know. My hair is good at holdin' a twist. But I told him "Not now." Dreading is a process and I'm not quite ready to do that yet. Not now at least.

I just celebrated 9 months of being perm free and 5 months of being a napptural!

It feels so wonderful to have reached those marks. It seems like only yesterday I was in the dorm choppin' off my hair, afraid of what people think. Now I get so many compliments and feel beautiful every day because of my hair.

...okay, I PROMISE I'll do more another time. Gotta finish up some work.


Nappturally Yours!

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Gone 2 looong.... [15 Aug 2005|09:44am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Hey yall! I know it’s been awhile since I’ve dropped in. Almost a month! Life has been a bit busy, but that doesn’t mean I should neglect my lovely hair journal, so I apologize! The hair is doing good, I got cornrows to put in. Finally! I told yall….my hair REALLY needed a break. The girl who did them did a good job, they are just really tight. Almost too tight, but they look good and hopefully they’ll last me at least a week. I’ve only had them for about 3 days and they are looking a little fuzzy in the back. Not that I care. I want to give my hair as much as a break and I can. I told yall….I was getting to the point when I was sick of doing it. And that’s not good because that’s when I “may” fall for the perm again.

I really am addicted to my twists/twist-outs. They just take FOREVER to do! Last time I did them really small it took me like 3 hours to do. I would pay someone to do them, but I’m short on money these days and the hairdressers in Tampa are way too expensive. I’m not payin’ $75 for twists. I’m sorry. I’ll pay $35 and that’s still a lot. The style doesn’t last THAT long….it’s just the fact that it takes awhile to do. I used to use a pomade to slick my hair down, but now I use aloe vera gel. I do the twists on semi-wet hair and brush it all the way down to my ends and start twisting. The twist-outs are groovy. They look like mini-dreads from far away. A twists/twist-out style lasts me about a week. 4 days-twists, 3 days-twist out! I love it!

My color is really growing out fast. Which means my hair is growing. I’m excited! I’m debating on whether I should get more color, though. I’ve been wanting to color just the ends. Something funky and crazy…..not a loud color, subtle but noticeable. We shall see….

Nappturally Yours!

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New Ventures [20 Jul 2005|01:09pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Hey yall!! So I went to a Nappturality.com get together!! Isn't that the craziest thing I've ever done! It was a lot of fun, though. The ladies' hair was beautiful and everyone was really sweet and fun to be around. I finally met my girl Darline. We had been talking for months about our hair issues. She's such a sweetheart. So yeah, we had a good time. Can't wait for the one in Tampa. I went to Orlando.....

Ummmm, so yesterday I was thinkin', "I'm sick of my hair." And I don't like saying that. I want to always be in love with my hair but the truth is....I'm not a "hair person". Never have been, really. After awhile, I get sick of it. So I think I may get some braids.....just cornrows and for 2 weeks. Give my hair a break. She's been pretty good to me, so I'll see what I can do.

I also notice a lot of new growth. I can tell because my color is starting to grow out and I notice about an inch of my dark brown hair growing in. Already!! Not bad. I think I colored only a month ago. I'm considering if I should re-color or not. My Mom keeps saying, "You're not a natural, you're not a natural! You have hair color." But forget that....I'm a natural. I have my natural texture. Color comes and goes. You can change it, enhance it, take it out and start over again.....but you only have one texture. And THAT.....is what makes me natural. Despite what the Moms says. She's just jealous any way!

 So yeah, the wraps....still love 'em. Can't do it a lot though because it really hurts my head. And I don't even do them that tight....so go figure. I have tried a new style though. Blow out! Darline was the first to mention this to me......I've always known about it, but never tried it. And I did yesterday and woooow, my hair is looong!! I have a really nice size afro and put on a headband and pushed my hair all the way back creating......an afro puff! My first one!! I was so excited. Of course, it's not the Thelma from Good Times puff I'm tryna achieve, but it was a good start. Having to comb through allll that hair made me realize why my Momma permed my hair in the first place. It's sooo much and sooo thick and combing it hurts sooooo bad.

 I think I'll be dreading sooner than I think beacause I don't want to be bothered combing it too often. Makes me appreciate my TWA. But it's gettin' bigger. It should be called GBA (getting big afro) cuz it sho ain't teeny no mo.

 The lady I'm staying with noticed my blow-out and said, "Wow, your hair is really growing. It's getting long!" I beamed. "Thaaaank you," I say. Then she asks, "What are you going to do with it now?" I shrug. I never know what I'm going to do next with my hair. It's always a mystery. But I like that. She says, "You should just perm it!" I felt like I was in a movie. I kept hearing "Perm it, perm it, perm it, perm it......" over and over and in slow motion in my head. "NO!" I cry. "I'm not perming it." She laughs at me and walks off shaking her head. I'm not perming. Hell nah!!! I done been through too much to turn around and perm again. Puhhhleeeaasseeee!!

 I've been using shea butter to moisturize, but I really gotta using some more natural products. My Mom made a great deep conditioner for me with jojoba oil, lavendar, and some other stuff. I let it sit before I conditioned and it made my hair so soooft. I need to start searching for some new prodcuts, as well. My V05 conditioner is gettin' played out.

And I've been thinking about protective styles. I think in the winter I'm going to do box braids. Not micros again. I can't be bothered with tryna take that mess out. And then they start to loc like after a month! Two-strand twists extensions would be realllly niiice, but I'm not tryna pay a grip for 'em. Unless I go to Harlem in New York where they do 'em for like $50. I don't know. Just thoughts for now.

Thanks for the emails. I'm shocked that I get a lot of them. I almost feel like a celebrity. Yall keep doin' that and I'll get a big head! I do appreciate it. I'm glad I can motivate and inspire some of you. It feels strange to say I'm doing that, though. I've only been a natural for 3 months!! Some people have been in this game for life!

I do admire my transitioners though. I think that is the hardest journey ever. You're constantly wondering if you really want to do this, how the hair will look, what people will say......transitioning just made me curious as to how my hair looked. Which is why I only did it for 4 months. Cutting off my hair at 3am in my dorm room was the most liberating thing I've ever done. When I tell people that I plan on dreading, the most common question is "What happens if you don't want it anymore?" And I hope that's not the case....I love dreads, they are sooo beautiful. But there may be a chance that I don't want them anymore. And so what. I'll cut them off and rock short hair again. The beautiful thing about hair is....IT GROWS BACK! I ain't worried. And I can't stress enough my philosophy when it comes to natural hair:


Being a natural is not a hairstyle, it's a lifestyle!!


Nappturally Yours!!

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Wraps!! [10 Jul 2005|06:47pm]
[ mood | excited ]

I am so excited, yall...I think I've moved onto a new phase in my hair world. WRAPS!!! I've always known about wraps of course, but I went to Jo-Ann Fabrics and spent darn near 2 hours looking at lovely wraps and scarfs. I ended up getting two for now but I'll defintely be back for some more. I love the African prints and a lot of them are really bright colored and LOUD....but for wearing a no-big deal t-shirt or somethin', they would be perfect. I'm so excited.

My car is broke.
Ain't got enough money to pay 1st month's rent in my new apartment.
Don't have any money for furniture.
Or any thing else for that money.
Cell phone broke.
Need a 2nd job...

But I am still so happy. All because of my hair!!!!!

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